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EEO Counseling

In keeping with the requirements of MD-110, 29 CFR 1614, Bashen Corporation (“Bashen”) staffs full-time experienced EEO counselors. Bashen’s counselors are neutral parties who assist agencies with delivering an effective EEO counseling program. Our counselors have all completed the prerequisite 32 hours of counseling training. Their educational background includes various specialized and advanced degrees in law, sociology, technical writing, organizational development, human resources, and much more…

Unique to Bashen, all counselors are certified EEO investigators, which adds to their ability in identifying issues and basis (es) of the aggrieved. Each year our counselors complete the required eight (8) hours of continuing EEO counseling training. Bashen affords its counselors with additional professional development that includes numerous seminars and legal continuing education. Bashen also provides counselors with in-house training that encompasses, proprietary courses involving EEO process mapping, investigative best practices and techniques, alternative dispute resolutions, mediations, conflict management, generational and diversity initiatives, communication, and technical writing.

Bashen’s process efficiencies help agency representatives ensure that their EEO counseling services and practices comply with statutory and regulatory requirements.

Bashen’s counseling at a glance:

  • Counsel the aggrieved on their rights and responsibilities
  • Determine the issues and basis (es) of the aggrieved
  • Conduct interviews with significant witnesses
  • Gathering and review of pertinent documentary evidence
  • Advise the aggrieved regarding timelines, ADR, and appeal procedure
  • Seek alternative dispute resolution
  • Completion within Thirty (30) days
  • Prepare a Counselor’s Report outlining all actions performed (including who, what, when, where, and why)
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