Past, Present, and Future

Our Story, Black Lives Matter

I was a Black girl raised in the segregated South in the 60s and 70s. It was a confusing period made more perplexing by my parents’ inability to answer my many questions about race. As a young adult, I realized that questioning the racial status quo in Alabama then was a futile endeavor for most Black folks. But our collective racial condition sparked a curiosity within me that led to a life-long quest to better understand our country’s history and struggle with racial issues. I have always been passionate about equal opportunity and mutual respect, and my fervor evolved into a business. 



  • DiversityBusiness.com’s Top 500 African American Owned Businesses in United States
  • 2011 DiversityBusiness.com’s Top 500 African American Owned Businesses in United States
  • 2011 DiversityBusiness.com’s Top 100 Native American Owned Businesses in United States
  • 2011 DiversityBusiness.com’s Top 100 Woman Owned Businesses in Texas
  • 2010 DiversityBusiness.com’s Top 100 Woman Owned Businesses in Texas
  • DiversityBusiness.com’s Top 500 Diversity Owned Businesses in United States.
  • Bashen Corporation releases its EEO Case Management and Tracking software LinkLine, now known by the name Nalikah in 2020.
  • Bashen Corporation releases its Federal sector suite, EEOFedSoft, now EEOFedLinke
  • LinkLine, now known by the name Nalikah, Patent awarded for its automated, web-based EEO compliance and case management technology.
  • Bashen Consulting changed name to Bashen Corporation.
  • Ms. Bashen is interviewed by The BusinessMakers radio show.
  • Crystal Award Winner, presented by the National Association of Negro Women in Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc., for achievement in business
  • Pinnacle Award Winner, presented by the Houston Citizens Chamber of Commerce for success in business
  • Verizon becomes a client
  • Inc. magazine’s Inc. 500 Winner, ranking as one of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies, with an increase in sales of 552 percent
  • Houston 100 Winner
  • SJ Bashen Corporation changed name to Bashen Consulting
  • Filed Patent Application for LinkLine,  Patent No. 6,985,922, B1., now known by the name Nalikah as of 2020.
  • Houston 100 Nominee
  • Recognition of Excellence from Operation ReachBack, Inc.
  • Houston 100 Winner
  • Pinnacle Award Finalist
  • Houston Small Business Award Nominee
  • Houston Women’s Business of the Year by the Houston Women’s Business Council Nominee
  • Featured on CNN Financial Network
  • Compaq Computer and Goodyear Tire became clients
  • September 1994 – Bashen Corporation founded
  • First work engagement with Flagstar Corporation, Denny’s parent company, hired Bashen to investigate customer complaints of discrimination pursuant to a consent decree with the Justice Department
  • Shoney’s restaurant became a client
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