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Accessibility Services | EEO Compliance & Diversity Consulting

At Bashen Corporation, our unwavering dedication to inclusivity serves as the cornerstone of our approach to website design. We firmly believe that every user, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, should have seamless access to information on our platforms. In pursuit of this vision, we prioritize accessibility and adhere to meticulous principles of inclusive and user-friendly design.

Our commitment to accessibility is not merely a declaration; it is a practice that permeates every stage of our website development process. Rigorous testing is conducted using diverse software tools to ensure that our sites and pages meet the highest standards of accessibility. This proactive approach allows us to identify and address potential barriers, guaranteeing an optimal user experience for everyone.

Feedback is integral to our continuous improvement efforts. We actively encourage users, particularly those with disabilities, to share insights that can help us enhance the usability of our website. If you ever encounter challenges due to the format of any material, we invite you to reach out to us at When contacting us, please specify the nature of the issue, your preferred material format, the relevant web address, and provide your contact information. Your feedback is invaluable, and we are committed to addressing your concerns promptly and effectively.

For those using assistive technology, our commitment extends further to providing alternative formats tailored to individual needs. Whether through email or our toll-free number at 1-800-994-1554, we welcome open discussions to address any related concerns. Our goal is not just compliance with accessibility standards but exceeding them to ensure an inclusive digital environment for everyone.

At Bashen Corporation, we view inclusivity as a continuous journey, and we invite our users to join us in making the digital space accessible to all. Together, we can create an online experience that reflects the diversity and uniqueness of every individual.

Accessibility Services | EEO Compliance & Diversity Consulting
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