Conflict Bridge Mediations

Bashen Corporation offers clients Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) mediation services through its Conflict Bridge model. Bashen’s mediators help involved parties focus on the advantages of a compromised resolution, as well as the potential risks and costs associated with complaint escalation instead of complaint resolution. Our mediators are well-versed in the private sector and federal sector processes, as well as possible outcomes. This extensive knowledge of EEO is unique in the field of mediation, and Bashen’s experience becomes invaluable when mediating discrimination complaints and disputes.

Please contact us to discuss your mediation needs or to learn more about the Seven Steps of Conflict Bridge: 

  • Introductory Remarks
  • Presented Issues
  • Information Gathering
  • Identifying the Problems
  • Suggesting Resolution Options
  • Exploring Compromises
  • Reaching an Agreement


Established in 1994, Bashen Corporation has successfully investigated nearly 100,000 EEO claims and has developed an EEO process model that streamlines the investigative process.

Bashen Corporation’s uncompromising commitment to quality precipitated the development of SEFIS, Standardized EEO Federal Investigative Services, to streamline the EEO investigative process, which enhances efficiencies.