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Bashen’s Title IX training supports higher education’s focus on preventing and identifying discrimination, sexual harassment, and other gender-based harassment.

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Campus coordinators will explore Title IX and learn his/her role and responsibilities as a Title IX Coordinator including compliance efforts, conducting Title IX investigations, and working collaboratively with all campus offices and programs to excel in the position.

The Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights released a letter on April 4, 2011, the “Dear Colleague Letter,” that has impacted all universities. This seminar explores the effects the Dear Colleague Letter has had on universities and explains schools’ responsibility under Title IX to take immediate and effective steps to end sexual harassment and sexual violence.

From board members to students, to the community at large, learn strategies and actions that can be taken to address and prevent harassment.

Years of investigative experience have enabled Bashen to develop AWARE©, a dynamic model that streamlines the harassment investigative process. AWARE will teach participants how to efficiently conduct an effective harassment investigation from interviewing techniques to report writing.

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