Bashen Corporation (“Bashen”), founded in 1994, is a woman minority-owned small business with a training experience that spans over two decades. We have trained approximately one million employees, including senior executives, middle and front-line managers and supervisors, team leaders, and non-supervisory employees. Bashen’s interactive training seminars are designed to improve employees’ awareness regarding discrimination, harassment, workplace misconduct, civility, diversity, and inclusion (“D&I”), and cultural awareness. We help organizations achieve their strategic objectives related to D&I. 

Today’s workforce is a complex mixture of diverse individuals with different cultural, religious, economic, and social perspectives. The modern workplace will continue to diversify. Informed employers welcome this change as an opportunity to improve employee relations, efficiencies y, products, and services, and to reach a larger and more diverse customer base that will increase revenues. 

Bashen’s trainers are also EEO investigators, which affords unique perspectives as training facilitators. They impart valuable knowledge about tolerance, inclusion, and fair employment practices. Bashen’s training is comprehensive and innovative. Courses are also delivered via the internet and satellite broadcast. Bashen’s web-based training incorporates e-learning solutions and instructional designs using illustrative documents, and interactivity. The result is a highly effective and convenient method of delivering engaging and customized e-learning.  

Delivering Comprehensive EEO Solutions

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Team of expert instructors to offer advice and best practices to facilitate and foster inclusive workplace environments. Bashen’s instructors are an amalgamation of experiences that include Diversity and Inclusion, Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance, Human Resources, and legal expertise. Our vast EEO compliance experience has enabled Bashen’s thought leaders to develop and deliver exceptional curricula.

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Our team will boost your organization’s ability to impart pertinent knowledge about tolerance, inclusion, and fair employment practices. Individuals learn in four ways: visually, audibly, analytically, and emotionally. However, no two people learn the same way. Bashen’s interactive training modules and courses blend various techniques to deliver key information and keep the attendees engaged. Depending on an agency’s preferences, we utilize live oration, videos, interactive polling, role-playing, case studies, group projects, activity worksheets, questions, and answers to create a positive educational experience. Our proven training modules provide trainees with practical insights, skills, and tools to support a diverse and harmonious workforce.

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Our training background comprises the design of various diverse workplace subjects including but not limited to the following: Diversity & Inclusion; Cultural Awareness; Microaggression, New Word Same Slurs; Unconscious Bias; Fair Employment Practices; EEO Training; Anti-Harassment and Workplace Misconduct; Black Transgender in The Workplace (When Sam Becomes Samantha); Discrimination and Retaliation Prevention; Challenge Bias, It’s Me Not You… For Real, When I was Colored, the conflict of race; The Conversation on Race; Generations Apart; The Bubba Plan; The White Guy in the Room; White Privilege versus White Entitlement; The Discussion, Black Folks; Workplace Sensitivity and more….

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Our interactive training courses are led by facilitators utilizing live oration, interactive surveys, videos, role-playing, group projects, activity worksheets, and questions and answers to create a positive educational environment. Recognizing the unique needs of each organization, Bashen Corporation carefully tailors each training program to match the organization’s particular goals and expectations. Bashen delivers customizable training modules in all areas of compliance, including EEO, Title IX, diversity and inclusion, fair employment practices, anti-harassment, discrimination prevention, and conducting effective investigations. Courses may be intensified or simplified, depending on the audience. Please contact us to discuss your specific training needs.

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