Final Agency Decisions – FADs

Final Agency Decision - FAD

The EEOC regulations, 29 C.F.R. § 1614.110 requires agencies to take final action on EEO complaints of discrimination. Bashen prepares compliant Final Agency Decisions (FAD’s).

Bashen’s FAD writers are also certified EEO investigators, which affords extensive knowledge of the federal regulations, relevant statutes and seminal case law. Bashen offers “One-Stop Shopping” in response to the EEOC’s “Attaining a Model Agency Program: Efficiency report” which states that “If the same contractor who investigated the complaint wrote a draft of the final decision along with the report of investigation” an agency will achieve cost savings with quicker results. Bashen provides the recommended “One-Stop Shopping”, if the agency assigns the investigation and FAD, Bashen’s offers a bundled rate reducing cost and speeding delivery.

FADs prepared by Bashen address the salient facts and issues. Our FAD writers render sound interpretations of legislative and seminal case law. FADs are completed in 30-working days or less.

Basic FADs include:

  • Statement of the complaint
  • Procedural history
  • The complaint facts
  • Analysis
  • Conclusions and relief
  • The notice of the right to appeal the decision to the EEOC or file a civil action in federal district court

“Our competitive advantage is our EEO tracking and case management software, LinkLinePlus and our full time staff of EEO investigators, counselors, FAD writers and mediators.”

– Janet Emerson Bashen
    President and CEO

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