Bashen's Green Technology

Paperless Communication

Bashen Corporation is doing its part to provide technology services while supporting our environment. Our “Green Technology” initiative helps reduce the waste of our world’s resources thus keeping compliant with Federal Green Challenge (FGC).

Each application that comprises Bashen’s Green Technology Suite shares one component: case document management. Case documents are sorted electronically, thereby reducing the amount of paper usually required to work a case. So just what is the Green Savings? The Paper Industry Association Council states:

  • The average office worker prints 10,000 sheets of paper.
  • 1,410 of those sheets are “wasted” at an average cost of 6 cents per sheet.
  • Only 56 percent of discarded paper was recycled in 2007.

Related paper expenses include:

  • Cost of the paper.
  • Ink and toner
    • Did you know that printer ink is one of the most expensive fluids on Earth?
  • Printers
    • Even with disposables, these are still a major investment.
    • Consider the cost of disposal when printers fail.
      • Are printers recycled? Most printers are.
      • Fuel, time, and pollution to haul.
      • Maintenance cost.
      • Enhanced security measures for bulk storage or disposal of paper.
      • Time lost while waiting on print jobs.

Cost savings include:

  • Less fuel is used to cut, haul, and process.
  • Less pollution is generated.
  • Less paper.
  • Fewer printers must be bought.
  • Paper disposal systems are reduced.
  • File storage space is great.
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