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Serving Since 1994

Private Sector Corporation Services

Established in 1994, Bashen Corporation (“Bashen”) is the pioneer in Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance Administration. Bashen has successfully investigated nearly 100,000 EEO claims, ranging from simple workplace disputes to complaints with class action implications. No firm of any type matches Bashen’s level of expertise.

Years of EEO investigative experience have enabled Bashen to develop an EEO process model that streamlines the investigative process, strengthens strategic compliance, and significantly reduces costs associated with achieving EEO claims. Bashen’s process model includes internal EEO investigations, agency charge investigations and position statements, fair employment practices, EEO and diversity training, and consulting services regarding EEO compliance, risk management, and human resources.

Measurable Results

Bashen’s clients realize a significant reduction in the number of claims filed each year. This highly favorable result reduces costs, eliminates risks, and greatly curtails operational and legal expenses.


Past Performances

Providing EEO services and technology solutions for leading brands
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