Climate Assessment

Bashen Corporation, a leader in client assessment services, goes beyond traditional approaches by providing comprehensive climate assessments for organizations. These assessments cover a spectrum of critical aspects, ranging from workplace culture and policy changes to system challenges and root cause analyses. Our multifaceted approach delves into understanding the intricate dynamics of the organizational environment.

To ensure the accuracy and depth of our assessments, we engage in a meticulous evidence-based process. This involves gathering pertinent information from employees assigned to a specific work unit, component, or entire division. Our data collection methods encompass both quantitative and qualitative approaches, allowing us to capture a holistic view of the organizational landscape.

Quantitative data collection involves numerical measurements, providing a quantitative understanding of various factors affecting the organization. On the other hand, qualitative data collection involves gathering non-numerical information, capturing the nuances and qualitative aspects of workplace concerns. This dual-method approach allows us to triangulate the information, ensuring a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the issues at hand.

The root cause analysis forms a cornerstone of our assessments. By identifying the underlying causes of issues, we empower organizations to implement targeted and effective solutions. We collaborate closely with the agency throughout the process, from issue identification to data analysis and findings communication. This collaborative approach ensures that the assessment aligns with the organization’s goals and facilitates the development of actionable solutions.

Our climate assessments extend beyond the surface, aiming to uncover the intricacies that impact employees and organizational dynamics. By addressing workplace concerns at their roots, we contribute to the creation of a healthier and more productive work environment. Bashen Corporation stands as a trusted partner, committed to delivering insightful assessments and working collaboratively towards positive organizational transformation.


Bashen’s Climate Assessment Process


Developing the Investigation Plan

Climate Assessment



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