EEO Case Management & Tracking Software

Introducing our recently renamed patented EEO case management and tracking software Nalikah, formerly named as LinkLine, Patent No. 6,985,922, B1.

One of Bashen Corporation’s innovations is our patented EEO-compliant Case Management application, which includes real-time work status. Nalikah is offered free to our clients to support a more technology-driven process.

Nalikah provides a program that integrates technology into the investigative process.  It provides employers with the means to effectively administer workplace complaints.

The cloud-based system provides an automated, web-based application for complaint submission, investigation, claims management, tracking, trending, and process reporting.

Nalikah streamlines process supervision with the integration of detailed case activity logs, automated alerts, case status, tracking and trending reports, and more. Report components offer integrated charts and graphs, aggregate data, real-time analytics, and customizable data filtration. Nalikah’s flexibility responds to organizational change and may be integrated with an employee hotline. 


World Wide Web-Based Access


Case activity logs


Secure 256-bit encryption


Tested Infrastructure


No hardware/software installation


Intrusion prevention and detection


Real-time analytics


Multi-channel complaint submission


Tracking & trending reports


Daily data backups


Alerts & Notifications


Document management

“Nalikah brings the cloud to EEO complaints tracking and transmits data 24/7.”

Dr. Janet Emerson Bashen, Founder

Driving Technology

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS) is defined as a model or method of software deployment that is accessed by users across the Internet. The SaaS model saves the customer money by freeing the customer from the cost of installing the application software on their computers, thereby also reducing the burden and costs associated with software maintenance, installation, configuration, and ongoing operations and support.

Experience the future of EEO case management with Bashen Corporation’s Advanced Technology Solutions. Maximize efficiency, ensure compliance, and foster a workplace environment that values diversity and inclusivity. Transform your approach to EEO case management with Nalikah-powered solutions from Bashen Corporation.

With Nalikah, organizations can effectively manage their workplace complaints by centralizing the entire EEO investigative process. Users have access to virtual case files and an array of features including the document toolkit, which enables users to import/export documents, audio, and, videos in practically any electronic file format.  

Bashen’s investigative and support staff use Nalikah to manage their cases in a virtual environment. The web-based system allows our management team to effectively distribute, monitor, and manage the workload.

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