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Through our Risk Assessment and Compliance Surveys, Bashen Corporation provides insureds with the data necessary to effectively identify potential workplace risks. Methodologies include on-site risk assessments, human resources practices audits, employee perception surveys, and more. Bashen thoroughly examines an organization’s employment policies, procedures, and practices and provides consultation services to recommend best practices, which minimize exposure.

Bashen Corporation’s experienced Consultants assist insureds with compliance and HR practice concerns, which include: HR Audits, Handbook and Policy Development, Reporting Hotline, Internal Workplace Investigations.

HR Audits

There are four ways in which individuals learn: visually, audibly, analytically, and emotionally. However, no two people learn the same way. Bashen recognizes that all learning styles must be addressed to ensure the success of all participants and we have created a unique training experience blending several techniques to deliver key information.

Bashen’s interactive training courses are led by facilitators utilizing live oration, videos, role-playing, group projects, activity worksheets, and questions and answers to create a positive educational environment. Recognizing the unique needs of each organization, Bashen carefully tailors each training program to match the organization’s particular goals and expectations.

Handbook and Policy Development

Bashen’s policy preparation services utilize proven best practices to create handbooks that are EEO compliant.


More Information

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