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who we are

Bashen Corporation is an elite Human Resources consulting firm with a market niche in providing remarkable Equal Employment Opportunity (“EEO”) compliance and technology services. Our extensive expertise and proven track record make us the preferred choice for the clients seeking top-tier EEO services.

"Bashen Corporation’s vision is to be the national leader in EEO compliance administration strategies. Our goal is to assist our clients’ efforts through continuous innovation."
Dr. Janet Emerson Bashen
CEO & founder

What We Do

Bashen Corporation provides a comprehensive suite of services, aimed at assisting businesses and clients in meeting their EEO needs. These services include workplace investigations, training, reporting, Alternative Dispute Resolutions, software as a service, and more.

Bashen Corporation’s proven track record and extensive expertise make it a great choice for organizations that require top-tier EEO services.

Big Data

Our Power is in the Numbers

Years of experience
Claims investigated
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Consulting Strong Points

Bashen’s market niche in providing EEO compliance and technology services sets it apart. By specializing in a specific area, we can offer tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of clients in the realm of EEO.

Here are some key strengths for Bashen Corporation that contribute to its success and reputation in the industry.

EEO Compliance
Expertise in Equal Employment Opportunity compliance 100%
Discrimination Investigations
Meticulous investigations 100%
Cutting-edge innovatve solutions 100%
Training & education programs on EEO 100%
Innovative Conflict Bridge™ model 100%
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Promoting DEI in the workplace 100%

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