Diversity & Inclusion Training

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Given the rapidly changing demographics of the U.S. workforce and the expanding globalization of US businesses, “diversity” in the workplace is a phenomenon of great strategic and operational consequence for both public and private organizations. In spite of widespread research, protracted theories, and self-appointed authorities on the subject, many organizations continue to struggle with building measurably diverse and inclusive work environments. For many organizations, diversity is a complex concept that still engenders a great deal of uncertainty and frustration.

Diversity and Inclusion Sample Training

Here is a short sampling of our Diversity and Inclusion training courses and programs:

  • Diversity & Inclusion and your customer
  • Diversity & Inclusion and your vendor
  • Diversity Bootcamp
  • Diversity SWOT
  • Diversity Rocks
  • Generations Apart, a view of the generations and their differences
  • Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives
  • Discrimination and Harassment Prevention
  • Diversifying Recruitment
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