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Bashen’s trainers are also EEO investigators, which affords unique perspectives as training facilitators. They impart valuable knowledge about tolerance, inclusion, and fair employment practices. Bashen’s training is comprehensive and innovative. Our interactive training courses are led by facilitators utilizing live oration, interactive surveys, videos, role-playing, group projects, activity worksheets, and questions and answers to create a positive educational environment. Recognizing the unique needs of each organization, Bashen Corporation carefully tailors each training program to match the organization’s particular goals and expectations. Bashen delivers customizable training modules in all areas of compliance, including EEO, Title IX, diversity and inclusion, fair employment practices, anti-harassment, discrimination prevention, and conducting effective investigations. Courses may be intensified or simplified, depending on the audience. Please contact us to discuss your specific training needs.

EEO Courses

Here is a short sampling of our EEO training courses and programs:

  • Fair Employment Practices – It Affects the
    Bottom Line!
  • How to Conduct Neutral EEO Investigations
  • EEO Investigations for the Generalist
  • Advanced EEO Investigations
  • Sexual Harassment, Anti-Discrimination and
    Harassment Training for the Millennium
  • Best Practices for Managing Diversity
  • Navigating the AAP Maze
  • Train the Trainer
  • ADR/Mediation Training
  • Designing an EEO Business Initiative
  • EEO Process Mapping
  • Leadership Development

Diversity and Inclusion Courses

Here is a short sampling of our Diversity and Inclusion training courses and programs:

  • Diversity Bootcamp
  • Diversity SWOT
  • Diversity Rocks
  • Generations Apart
  • Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives
  • Discrimination and Harassment Prevention
  • Diversifying Recruitment
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