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Administrative Charges

Neutral and economical investigations.

Complaints Tracking Software

LinkLinePlus®, Bashen Corporation’s patented software, allows employers to effectively centralize and streamline the EEO process.

Training Institute

Bashen’s distinctive experience has enabled us to create and offer customized training programs that satisfy an employer’s specific needs.


Bashen Corporation


For over two decades, Bashen Corporation (“Bashen”), a woman/minority owned firm, has successfully  investigated over 100,000 EEO Charges and other Complaints. Bashen’s flat-fee structure saves our customers money and allows them to focus on operating their businesses without the worry of exorbitant hourly rates charged for similar services. Bashen offers its cloud based EEO case management and tracking software, LinkLinePlus® (Patent No. 6,985,922, B1), which allows employers to manage complaints virtually..

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