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Administrative Charges

Bashen will resolve your EEO Administrative Charges quickly and economically.

Complaints Tracking Software

LinkLine®, Bashen Corporation’s patented software, allows employers to effectively centralize and streamline the EEO process.

Training Institute

Bashen’s distinctive experience has enabled us to create and offer customized training programs that satisfy an employer’s specific needs.

Bashen Corporation

For over two decades, Bashen Corporation (“Bashen”), a certified woman/minority owned firm, has eliminated or mitigated threats associated with EEO Administrative Charges and Internal Complaints in a cost efficient manner. We have successfully investigated and managed over 31,000 Administrative Charges and Internal Complaints on behalf of our diverse nationwide clients. Quite simply, we terminate the EEO claims process quickly, which saves our customers money and allows them to focus on operating their businesses. Bashen is committed to YOUR bottom-line. Bashen has low overhead and we are centrally located in Houston, Texas. We use our patented web-based software, LinkLinePlus® (Patent No. 6,985,922, B1), to extend our reach, successfully serving clients across the country.
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