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EEO FedLink® EEOFedLink® adds a new dimension to the federal EEO process by providing agencies with a web-based software solution that facilitates EEO case management, tracking and trending, and online complaint filing.

LinkLine was developed by EEO professionals for EEO professionals who need an effective and efficient software application to manage claims investigations. EEOFedLink centralizes and streamlines the investigative process by facilitating paperless communication and electronic case files.

What is EEOFedLink®?

EEOFedLink is Bashen's federal version of its patented EEO compliance and case management software, LinkLine®, released in 2001. EEOFedLink supports the needs of federal agencies by offering:


Designed specifically for federal agencies, EEOFedLink incorporates a technology driven solution to the federal sector EEO process.
  • Section 508
    EEOFedLink was designed to have an interface that features rich graphics and full compliance with Section 508

  • MD-110
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A Virtual Environment

EEOFedLink's virtual environment utilizes electronic case files and maintains all documents, correspondence and activity within a centralized, paperless and web-based system. Each virtual file contains the means to generate and track important data.

EEOFedLink features include:
  • Virtual Case File
    These electronic files maintain all documents, correspondence and activity within a centralized location and provide a secure and efficient method for conducting investigations

  • Online Complaint Submission
    With EEOFedLink, users have the ability to submit a complaint through a variety of methods, including internet, phone, and fax

  • Online Witness Affidavits
    With electronic signature

  • Online ROI Draft

  • Worldwide Access
    Access to EEOFedLink is 24-7 anywhere the Internet is available
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Electronic Case File

EEOFedLink provides an interactive Case Workbook that is loaded with a variety of innovative functions to centralize the EEO process, including:
  • Document Management
    EEOFedLink allows for virtually any file format to be imported/exported including audio and video

  • Integration of Microsoft Office Tools
    Allows users to create documents and format text within EEOFedLink without having to cut-and-paste from other document

  • Activity Logs and Event Calendars
    Allows users to calendar events and schedule dates related to a case as well as display all activities associated with a case

  • Message Center
    EEOFedLink provides the user with a communication center that allows the software to act as a virtual liaison

  • Automated Alerts
    Allows user to receive alerts regarding cases, assignments, etc.
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Tracking Capabilities

EEOFedLink allows for tracking of important information, with features such as:
  • Case Metrics Icons
    Allows users visual alerts to case deadlines

  • Automated Maturity Alerts
    Informs users of important delivery deadlines

  • Status Reports
    Ensures timely investigations

  • Customized Tracking and Trending Reports
    Gives users access to generate pre-loaded and customizable reports, to monitor cases, and identify trends within their organization

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EEOFedLink creates customized reports:
  • Customized, Real Time Reporting
    EEOFedLink provides tools to create customized online reports

  • NO FEAR and Form 462 Reporting

  • Built-In Graphing Capabilities

  • Powerful Search Tools
    EEOFedLink's search engine provides a powerful range of search tools that lets users find relevant data in seconds

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