Bashen Corporation (“Bashen”) was founded in 1994 with one mission: to be an elite Technology and Human Resources Consulting Firm with a market niche in providing Equal Employment Opportunity (“EEO”) compliance services. Since 1994, Bashen has provided organizations with workplace complaint investigations, diversity and inclusion training, mediations, and Bashen’s patented EEO case management and tracking software Nalikah, formerly known as LinkLinePlus® (Patent No. 6,985,922, B1).

Every aspect of Bashen’s practice is focused on innovation and a dedication to building proactive EEO initiatives within organizations.  During its 27-year history, Bashen has successfully investigated over 100,000 workplace complaints. Bashen is uniquely qualified to deliver sophisticated case management and tracking software that meets the EEOC’s MD-110 requirements. No other firm has the level of knowledge for investigating complaints using a technology-driven process.

Bashen’s investigative work history is extensive and comprises Fortune 500 Companies, Federal Agencies, Associations, City and State Governments, Educational Institutions, Financial Institutions, Transit Authorities, Healthcare Providers, the Hospitality Industry, Industrial and Manufacturing, Insurance Carriers, Law Firms, Manufacturing, Non-profit, Pharmaceuticals, Professional Services, Railroad Industry, Real Estate, Religious Institutions, Restaurants and Food and Beverage Services, Retail, Small Businesses, Technology Firms, Telecommunication and Utility Providers and more. 

Over 27 years of  workplace investigation experience  

Addressing multiple training styles

Expertise in highly specialized area 

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