Our Story, Black Lives Matter

I was  a black girl raised in  the segregated South in the 1960s. It was a confusing period made more perplexing by my parents’ inability or unwillingness to answer my many questions about race. As a young adult, I realized that questioning the racial status quo in Alabama then was a futile endeavor for most older black folks. But our collective racial condition sparked a curiosity within me that led to  a life-long quest to better  understand our country’s history and struggle with racial  issues. I have always been passionate about  equal employment opportunities and mutual respect, and my enthusiasm  evolved into a business interest that  features  diversity and inclusion initiatives and strategies. Bashen Corporation’s mission is to help employers effect meaningful, positive and permanent changes in the workplace. 

Dr. Janet Emerson Bashen

As a visionary and innovator, who is firmly committed to equal opportunity for all Americans, Dr. Bashen has an impressive record of corporate growth and innovation. Dr. Bashen’s educational background includes a degree in legal studies and government from the University of Houston, postgraduate studies at the University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business, and Rice University’s Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Administration. Dr. Bashen is also a graduate of Harvard University’s “Women and Power: Leadership in a New World” and is a graduate of Tulane Law School with a Master of Jurisprudence in Labor and Employment Law. Awarded a patent for LinkLine,  Patent No. 6,985,922, B1, now Nalikah an EEO case management and tracking software application for EEO and other workplace complaints.
Dr. Bashen’s experience with Human Resources, Employee Relations, Diversity and Inclusion Anti- Harassment issues and Equal Employment Opportunity makes her a sought-after trainer and lecturer. Dr. Bashen is a motivational speaker and promotes an inclusive workplace. She has lectured at the: EEOC, American Association for Access, Equity and Diversity (AAAED), Professional Liability Underwriting Society, Society for Human Resources (“SHRM”), State Bar of Texas – Labor and Employment Section, Black Enterprise, Girls Who Code, National Association of Negro Women in Business, Black Women Tech, Harvard University and many others. 

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