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EEOC Charges

Bashen has investigated over 24,000 EEO claims, ranging from simple employee disputes to claims with class action implications. No other firm can claim similar numbers or the knowledge gleaned from successfully managing so many diverse claims in a 20-year period. Bashen possesses a unique understanding of the administrative process. Some of the benefits include:
  • The rapid identification of potential EEO risks
  • Elimination or mitigation of the identified EEO risks
  • Implementation of sound preventative measures
  • Having available reliable, experienced and knowledgeable full-time EEO consultants
  • Continual education about legal obligations and the potential consequences when violations occur
  • Reducing the number of claims filed annually
  • Conducting prompt and comprehensive investigations
  • Reducing the time necessary to conduct investigations
  • Preparing detailed reports for review by local, regional or corporate leadership
  • Having comprehensive analyses and sensible recommendations
  • Timely preparation and submission of persuasive position statements
  • Promptly responding to all regulatory agencies’ Requests For Information, Interrogatories or Requests For Production
  • Defusing potentially contentious situations
  • Garnering substantially more charge dismissals
  • Negotiating more reasonable settlements or conciliations, when indicated
  • Having experienced representation at agency fact finding conferences, mediations or on-site investigations
  • Improved relationships with agency investigators
  • Freeing staff to work on delivering the principal products or services of the company
  • Effectively managing the entire claims process in a virtual environment using LinkLinePlus®
  • The ability to intake complaints from employees, vendors or visitors 24 hours a day
  • Fostering a more harmonious and productive working environment
  • Debunking the belief that every claim filed will result in a settlement/conciliation
  • Reducing the number of lawsuits filed annually
  • Greatly decreasing the legal expenses incurred to litigate discrimination lawsuits
  • Protecting defense counsel from becoming fact witnesses
  • Spending appreciably less money on the entire EEO claims process while enjoying better service and results