Software Solutions

LinkLinePlus® is Bashen’s patented (Patent No. 6,985,922,B1) EEO management tracking software. Backed by years of investigative experience, our software provides the functionality necessary to effectively manage various types of complaints without the usual clutter associated with inferior applications or antiquated paper files.

Our software is a 2+ application, which means clients receive the benefit of SaaS and a Cloud based application, in other words a hybrid. LinkLinePlus® provides you with the best access formula to our case management software. LinkLinePlus® is also very affordable in comparison to standard Enterprise Licensees. LinkLinePlus® dynamic and capable of responding rapidly to business and legal changes, and is completely adaptable to our clients’ needs.

Bashen Corporation continues to do our part to provide these services while supporting our environment and green initiatives. To learn more, click on our  “Green Technology” page for details.

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