Anti-Harassment Program



Bashen Corporation (“Bashen”) provides federal agencies with proprietary anti-harassment program titled, AWARE™. AWARE™ brings Bashen’s experience that spans 24 years and over 60,000 investigations. The EEOC issued EEO Management Directive (MD)-715, which establishes that model EEO programs must issue policies and procedures for addressing all forms of harassment. In this regard, federal agencies must create a work environment that is free from sexual and non-sexual harassment.

  • A clear explanation of prohibited conduct;
  • Assurance that employees who make claims of harassment or provide information related to such claims will be protected against retaliation;
  • A well designed complaint process that provides accessible avenues for complainants;
  • Assurance that employer will protect the confidentiality of the individuals bringing harassment claims to the extent possible;
  • A complaint process that provides a prompt, thorough, and impartial investigation; and
  • Assurance that the employer will take immediate and appropriate corrective action when it determines that harassment has occurred

Bashen’s response to the EEOC’s intentions is its proprietary process model, AWARE™.

AWARE™ is Bashen’s proprietary process model for strengthening an established harassment program or designing a custom program.

The AWARE™ Program:

  • Trained harassment investigative staff
  • 1-800-Intake™is a hotline reporting tool with a custom client side website
  • LinkLinePlus® harassment case tracking system with co-branded portal
  • New client harassment training

AWARE™ Harassment Handbook

  • Harassment Allegation Review (“HAR”)
  • Harassment investigative plan
  • Harassment checklist and guidance

Formal harassment investigations

  • Limited inquiry harassment investigation
  • Scheduling and conducting witness interviews
  • Obtaining and reviewing documentary and statistical data
  • Consulting agency representatives during all critical stages of the investigation
  • Remedial action determination

Bashen’s harassment team are fulltime attorney/investigators trained in the AWARE™ process model. The investigators and support staff are all certified EEO investigators. Our management personnel have over 75 years’ investigative expertise has unsurpassed knowledge and experience. Bashen’s investigative effectiveness is enhanced with LinkLinePlus  (Patent No. 6,985,922,B1), our patented EEO case tracking and reporting software. With LinkLinePlus harassment investigations are managed successfully while simultaneously reducing the time and costs associated with harassment and hostile allegations complaints. Agencies receive real-time data that support remedial action involving substantiated harassment/hostile work environment allegations.

Bashen is an authorized GSA contractor under Schedule 738X, Human Resources and Equal Employment Opportunity Services, GSA Contract Number GS-02F-0087N

“Our competitive advantage is our EEO tracking and case management software, LinkLinePlus and our full time staff of EEO investigators, counselors, FAD writers and mediators.”

– Janet Emerson Bashen
    President and CEO

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