Federal Sector EEO Compliance

Bashen Corporation’s (“Bashen”) years of experience and uncompromising commitment to quality, precipitated the development of Bashen’s business process model for the federal sector. Standardized EEO Federal Investigative Services (SEFIS) streamlines the EEO investigative process, which enhances efficiencies. Using Bashen’s patented web based EEO case management software LinkLine®, SEFIS provides a SaaS (Software as a Service) Technology driven approach incorporating MD 110 and 29 CFR 1614. SEFIS includes On-Line Reporting System technology, EEO investigations, Reports of Investigation, Final Agency Decisions, and fair employment practices and diversity training. Bashen is a certified, minority woman owned enterprise and is an approved Federal GSA Contractor under Schedule 738X Human Resources & Equal Employment Opportunity Services, Category 595-25.

Bashen Corporation has provided Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance Administration services to hundreds of clients, including many federal agencies. Bashen provides federal agencies with the following EEO solutions:

  • EEO Counseling
  • Formal EEO Investigations
  • ConflictBridge™ Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • EEO & Diversity Training
  • Affirmative Employment Plan Preparation
  • State & Local Government Services
  • LinkLine® Web-Based Claims Management Software
  • Bashen’s GSA Schedule

“Our competitive advantage is our EEO tracking and case management software, LinkLinePlus and our full time staff of EEO investigators, counselors, FAD writers and mediators.”

– Janet Emerson Bashen
    President and CEO

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