Risk Management & HR Consulting

Risk Management - Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Through our Risk Assessment and Compliance Surveys, Bashen provides insureds with the data necessary to effectively identify potential workplace risks. Methodologies include on-site risk assessments, human resources practices audits, employee perception surveys and more. Bashen thoroughly examines an organization’s employment policies, procedures, and practices and provides consultation services to recommend best practices, which minimize exposure.

Policy and Handbook Preparation, Risk Assessments
and Compliance Surveys

Bashen’s experienced Consultants assist insureds with compliance and HR practice concerns, which include:

  • Handbooks

    Bashen’s policy preparation services utilize proven best practices to create handbooks that are EEO compliant.

  • Training

    Bashen employs a variety of customizable training modules for online or stand-up delivery in all areas of EEO, including diversity, fair employment practices, anti-harassment and discrimination prevention. Bashen works closely with insureds to craft training programs designed to meet their specified goals and needs. Bashen’s training curricula are designed to help foster productive work environments that are free of discrimination and harassment, and provide insureds with preventative measures to minimize liabilities.

  • Affirmative Action Plans

    “Affirmative Action” means many different things. However, the purpose of affirmative action is to ensure equal employment opportunity by requiring all federal contractors to take affirmative action to prevent discrimination in employment practices and to report on their progress. Specifically, affirmative action requires contractors to implement affirmative action plans to assure equal employment opportunity for minorities, women, people with disabilities, veterans of the Vietnam era and special disabled veterans. Bashen Corporation assists insureds with affirmative action requirements while simultaneously formulating a business-focused diversity strategy.

  • More Information

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