Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)
EEO Claims Administration

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) EEO Claims Administration

Years of EEO administrative charge handling experience enables Bashen to develop an EEO process model that streamlines and strengthens compliance. With Bashen Corporation’s EEO business focus your organization gains exceptional services with the promise of overall risk reduction. Clients enjoy quality and timely claims administration at a reduced cost.


Why Bashen Corporation?

Experience –

  • After 24 years providing administrative claims support to clients nationally, Bashen has also fostered productive relationships with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and state agencies nationwide.

Expertise –

  • We possess a unique understanding of the EEO administrative process and we use this knowledge to mitigate risks.
  • Quality Staff
  • Bashen’s diverse consultant staff are knowledgeable lawyers and they are highly trained fact-finders, claims managers, and negotiators who understand that the ultimate objective is to eliminate risk through agency dismissals.

National Representation –

  • Bashen successfully represented carriers and their insureds nationally.

Risk Management Services –

  • Bashen provides employee handbooks, training and human resource audits.

Conflict of Interest –

  • Attorneys who conduct administrative investigations may be deemed fact witnesses when lawsuits are filed, and could be prevented from providing legal representation. This conflict is never applicable to Bashen.

Cost –

  • Bashen offers a flat rate per administrative charge.

Patented Software –

  • Bashen patented web-based EEO claims management and tracking software, LinkLine greatly enhances efficiencies and stores valuable claims data. Designated users may generate myriad reports to support the claims administration.


More Information:

For more information regarding Bashen Corporation’s EPLI claims administration services please contact sales@bashencorp.com or call toll-free: 800.994.1554

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