EEO Claims in Education

EEO Claims in Education

Established in 1994, Bashen Corporation (“Bashen”) is the pioneer in Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance Administration. Bashen has successfully investigated over 60,000 EEO claims, ranging from simple workplace disputes to complaints with class action implications. No firm of any type matches Bashen’s level of expertise.

Years of EEO investigative experience have enabled Bashen to develop an EEO process model that streamlines the investigative process, strengthens strategic compliance and significantly reduces costs associated with achieving EEO compliance. Bashen’s process model includes internal EEO investigations, agency charge investigations and position statements, affirmative action plan (AAP) preparation and audit support, fair employment practices, EEO and diversity training, and consulting services regarding EEO compliance, risk management, and human resources.

Bashen Corporation’s business focus is EEO claims investigation and administration and we offer your organization exceptional services with the promise of: problem resolution, cost savings, and overall risk reduction

For 24 years, Bashen has provided specialized services to educational institutions. These services include:

  • EEO compliance and diversity training
  • Files IPEDS reports to the Department of Education
  • Affirmative action planning and implementation, including workforce analyses for state governments
  • Administrative management and general management consulting services
  • Human resources consulting
  • LinkLinePlus®, a patented EEO compliance and case management tracking software
  • EEOC claims investigations
  • Employee relations investigations
  • EEOC and state agency position statements and responses to RFI’s
  • Policy and employee handbook preparation
  • Risk management consulting
  • Professional and management development training

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