Diversity and Inclusion Services

Given the rapidly changing demographics of the U.S. workforce and the expanding globalization of U.S. businesses, “diversity” in the workplace is a phenomenon of great strategic and operational consequence for both federal and private organizations.  For many organizations, diversity is a complex concept that engenders a great deal of discourse and uncertainty.

Bashen Corporation’s driving mission is to help clients advance diversity from vague definitions and esoteric theories to realistic modern diversity and inclusion strategies.

Diversity, when properly managed has the potential to strengthen organizational effectiveness and efficiency, for organizations across a wide variety of business disciplines and communities.  Bashen works with organizations to create inclusive environments that enable people of diverse backgrounds to perform at their highest levels, contribute fully, and feel professionally satisfied.

Bashen has a powerful blend of EEO and Diversity expertise, research methodology knowledge that includes 21 years in the business of designing equal employment opportunity initiatives. We believe that people of all backgrounds should have a voice in shaping the direction of their own lives as well as the future of their organizations. Bashen recognizes the importance of drawing upon the strengths of our increasingly diverse population to modernize its diversity and inclusion service model.

Bashen has a long history of working with organizations to move beyond traditional approaches in the evaluation and assessment of the workplace climate.  To achieve the modern Diversity and Inclusion objectives, our program includes Diversity and Inclusion training curriculum, Diversity SWOT, surveys, organizational diversity assessment, policy review, cultural competency, diversity staffing and fair employment practices investigations.

Bashen proposes a six-component program:

  • Define the modern Diversity and Inclusion model program
  • Diversity SWOT, an overall Organizational Diversity Assessment™
  • Determine the cultural competency of leadership and staff
  • Development of a blueprint for becoming a more diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Suggest revisions in systems and procedures
  • Recommend enhancements in governance and policy

These exercises have significant overlap and support one another, in both design and implementation as well as their contributions to outcomes in the short term and over the years to come. We begin our approach with various activities such as:

  • Requests for data/information
  • Fact gathering and focus groups
  • Examination of existing practices
  • Surveys and data collection methods
  • A review of the policies and practices
  • Examine organizational strengths and resources, including assets currently in place with respect to fostering diversity and inclusion in the organization

And finally, we evaluate gathered information to identify areas of concern and needed interventions in conjunction with diversity and inclusion training strategies and other appropriate action while also examining the potential impact of any major organizational initiatives.


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“Our competitive advantage is our EEO tracking and case management software, LinkLinePlus and our full time staff of EEO investigators, counselors, FAD writers and mediators.”

– Janet Emerson Bashen
    President and CEO

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