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It is Bashen’s goal to provide its staff with a challenging and in-depth experience that allows each individual to achieve maximum professional growth in a well-managed and innovative work environment. Our diverse, knowledgeable and experienced consultants strive to provide superior client service that is prompt, thorough, objective and independent.

DiversityBusiness.com Top 2008 BusinessCollectively, Bashen management possesses over 100 years experience, with a focus on investigations, EEO training, affirmative action, and fair employment practices compliance. Bashen’s diverse Consultant Staff comprises attorneys and human resources professionals who have specialized expertise regarding workplace disputes and EEO compliance best practices.

All Consultants are trained in Bashen’s unique and innovative business process model, strategic mission and customer service philosophy. Bashen’s internal professional development program includes a series of modules regarding EEO Investigations and investigative best practices, EEO compliance, affirmative action development, as well as strategic planning, ethics, alternative dispute resolution, and legal updates in the areas of HR and EEO. Bashen has a level of expertise that is unmatched in the industry.